Marriage can have it's ups and downs and a successful marriage is only possible if both parties are prepared to work at it. Here we have brought some tips for you to make your marriage life more happier.

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What used to be a union of two souls has regrettably become an ostentatious race for social prestige. Discounting dowry, the expenses of nuptial events are still soaring rapidly due to untamed expectations. Sometimes, the heavy yoke of payment is forcibly fastened onto the necks of ageing parents. At other times, 'wise' elders ....Read more

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Sara and Momin love each other very much. As Sara's family do not support this relation, and forcing her to marry someone of their choice, finding no other suitable way they fled away from home and conducted a court marriage. We are used to hearing this type of story since our childhood be it real or fake, in movie or in life. So let me tell .... Read more

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