Tips for new couples for their best honeymoon experience

I f you are about to get married or a newly married couple, you might be looking forward to an exciting honeymoon. Honeymoon is one of the most awaited and sweet moments for couples. I think almost everybody dreams of a memorable honeymoon. It is the moments when couples get so intimate, share most personal moments and explore each other with lots of curiosity. And not only is the honeymoon meant to be a fun and exciting time for the new Mr. and Mrs., but it's also meant to be a well-deserved relaxing break from the wedding stress

Though honeymoon is a cute little nine letter word that carries a lot of excitement, the process turns out to be so stressful that one cannot help but seek honeymoon planning at the very last minute. Because Sometimes weeding couples are so focused on the shopping, wedding guests, seating arrangements and more that they overlook planning this best and most enjoyable part of the process. Hence, for the love birds here is an all-in-one honeymoon planning checklist that includes useful honeymoon planning tips and travel hacks which will make the weeding vacation the most incredible and unforgettable experience.

1. Select a location

Your honeymoon should be a 'trip of a lifetime,' so choose a destination you'll never forget and dream about returning to on future anniversaries. Even before you begin planning your honeymoon, you'll want to have a discussion about what kind of trip you want to take as a newly married couple. Do you want to go to an all-inclusive resort, or do you want to take a cruise or a road trip and see a number of different places? You'll also want to look at the geography and decide on what type of scenery you want most. Are you hoping for some place tropical? Mountainous? Historic? These factors will help you narrow down the location itself. "Picking a honeymoon destination should be a true reflection of who you are as a couple,"

2. Accommodation Matters

Of all the features that together combine a whole honeymoon experience, choosing the right kind of accommodation is the most important aspect. Your entire honeymoon experience depends upon how good, comfortable and rejuvenating your stay was at the best of hotels and resorts. Ranging from luxury resorts, to honeymoon suites, and beach villas, the romantic accommodation helps in lifting the whole honeymoon spirit up. Make sure you consider these points while choosing the best accommodation options for your honeymoon:
• 1st Priority (Comport of Living): As the main purpose of honeymoon trips is not to visit just a beautiful place but to spend some quality private moments together, I have highly prioritized the comfort of living, such as a beautifully decorated room with AC facilities etc.
• 2nd priority (Security): It is a must, especially for newly married couples.
• 3rd Priority (Privacy): when you decide on a destination, choose a place which offers what you expect along with enough privacy to be able to spend quality time with your loved one without having to worry about the hustle and bustle of the destination.
• 4th Priority (Beauty of Place): Who don’t want to spend their moments especially when they are in honeymoon in a nice and attractive place.
• Room categories, views & amenities
• Nearby restaurants

3. Set your budget — and try your best to stick to it.

Don't stress yourself out by planning something that isn't within your means. It's always better to over budget and end up under budget than vice versa — especially when the goal is to start your life together, which involves a laundry list of future expenses like purchasing your first home! Be realistic about what you want to spend and what experiences you are looking to share, and allow ample funds for those experiences. A great solution is to set up a honeymoon registry in advance that allows guests to help with some of your travel costs or enhance your trip with special services and experiences. "As many couples already have the house and kitchen items off a traditional wedding registry, a honeymoon registry can be a great way to fill in the gaps," says Ise. And don't forget to maximize the perks of getting married! "If your wedding venue has a rewards program, take advantage of earning points for a future hotel stay to redeem on your honeymoon," says Redmond. "Lots of hotels have credit card partnerships too so take advantage of opening a new card and earning even more points for travel."
Hence, below listed are few points that one should consider while calculating an average budget per person:
Flights (Round trip)
Accommodation (Taxes included and on double sharing basis)
Meals (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks, and Drinks)
Sightseeing (Any place or experience which is not included in the package)
Local Transfers (Using public transportation for getting around the city)
Miscellaneous (Shopping and so on)

4. Delegate planning responsibilities instead of planning everything yourself

You know how friends and family always say, "Let me know if there's anything I can do to help"? Well, they actually mean it! Make a list of all the stuff you're doing that you don't need to physically be doing yourself. "This could include making appointments with vendors, comparing prices, finding florists in your neighborhood, etc." Free up your time by asking a friend or family member to do that research for you or hire a professional. Another great solution is to have your spouse handle all the honeymoon plans while you take care of the wedding details. He knows you best and will be able to put together the perfect trip without needing your constant input.

5. Book your transportation and hotels

Once your destination is set in stone, you can start booking for airfare or bus or train ticket to find the most competitive pricing available. Booking excursions in advance not only gives you something to look forward to, but also bears cost savings for early reservations. The closer you get to your departure date, the more likely it is you'll pay a premium (and be stuck in a middle seat)," Look for 'resort credits.' You'll see this term used at a lot of big resorts, all-inclusive, and cruises. "Essentially, a resort credit is free money to use at the property on everything from golf to spa services. Look for resorts that offer this perk to save money on some of the amenities you'll likely be booking during your honeymoon stay. Don't hesitate to call or email the hotel to tell them you're on your honeymoon. Hotel properties love to spoil their guests and give them reasons to talk about what a great stay they had — and hopefully come back again!" You never know, you might find a bottle of champagne in your room the next day or some special touches that you wouldn't otherwise get.

6. Planning A Perfect Itinerary

While planning a perfect honeymoon itinerary, make sure you get enough time for yourselves apart from the days allotted for the sightseeing, tours, and activities. Most of the couples, try to cover too many attractions in a limited period of time, which exhausts them by the end of the day. So this is very important to make sure below mentioned points to plan a perfect itinerary: • Make sure you double-check your itinerary whether the activities match your interests or not. • Plan out activities as per your health and fitness. • Take out enough leisure days to spend some quality time with each other.

7. Plan a Surprise

This is the best part about planning a honeymoon. Couples usually seek the most romantic things to do on honeymoon in order to make it special for him or her. Whether it’s witnessing a sunrise or a sunset, a date night or a romantic candle-lit dinner by the beach, plan a surprise for your spouse that will help you in creating memories for a lifetime. You can always coordinate with the hotel officials or the travel agent to assist you in planning a surprise for your better half.

8. Smart & Light Packing Tips

Make a detailed list of everything you'll need — clothes, sunscreen, currency, everything! Do not leave your house if you haven’t ticked off all the below mentioned essential items from your checklist.

• First and foremost, make sure you carry a small backpack to keep all your tickets, passports, visa information, international driving license, and identity proofs in place if you are going abroad. • Carry at least two photocopies of all your documents and keep your hotel information all set. • Irrespective of the destination, carry an insect repellent. • Technology Check: Mobile charger, USB cable, handy camera, DSLR, charging cord, headphones, portable speakers, earphones, iPad, and power bank. • Take help from necessary travel apps and follow google maps for getting in and around the city. • It is always helpful to pack according to the weather conditions of the destination you are visiting and carry an extra layer in case of weather change. • Jackets, shrugs, and cardigans; trekking shoes, flip flops, and pair of heels; sunglasses • For beach destinations, sunscreen and an umbrella becomes a must to carry. • For winter travel, make sure you carry gloves, earmuffs, woolens, boots, and warmers Once you have checked and packed all these items, it will be easy for you to plan smartly for your honeymoon shopping as well. Hence, your shopping scene will be sorted too.

Few More Honeymoon Planning Tips To Remember

• Whether you want to go on a honeymoon right after marriage or on a delayed honeymoon, plan together accordingly.
• Follow the set time frame so that you do not forget anything at the last moment.
• Read travel stories, travelogues, shared experiences, and ask for suggestions to know a destination inside out.
• Fix a budget first and then start planning so that you have covered every possible expense and keep enough cash for impulse purchases.
• Exploring a lesser known destination offers an advantage of being slightly cheaper than the famous honeymoon destinations.
• Please note, that lesser known destinations are equally stunning and offer great tourist attractions that yet remain unexplored and untouched.
• When you go ahead with bookings, make sure you book everything for your wife by her maiden name. This is in case she is yet to change her name on documents post marriage.
• Discounts, promotions, and offers are very helpful in saving money wherever possible.
• Book well in advance and it is more advantageous to book the flight tickets, hotels in the off-season as the rates are lower when compared to the peak season.