Frequent ask question (FAQ)

Ans: Creating a profile on is quick and easy! Simply fill up the information of the right side of home page and click create new profile. Your profile will be created and then fill up other information to complete your profile.

Ans: Only marriage seekers or their parents or local guardians are authorized to open profile. Real candidates must be acknowledged by parents or guardians before they create profile on behalf of them.

Ans: Yes you need to input all the information to complete the profile otherwise your profile will not be shown online.

Ans: Your contact details will not be shown in your profile at first stage. When you will send proposal to someone or will accept proposal that time your contact details will be visible only to that person based on your approval.

Ans: If you want to change some information of your profile you will get Edit button in every category. After change you need to click submit button to save the changes.

Ans: Not actually. You can browse or search profiles without having your own profile but you will not be able to like or send proposal to anyone. To do these you have to create your profile.

Ans: You have few options. You can search male or female candidates profile from menu bar or can click scroll bar from home page. Then you can see the profile list. By clicking on profile list you can see detail profile. Also there is a filter option to search your desired type profile with in short time.

Ans: For existing members you have to sign in your profile and for visitors you have to create profile if you want to show your interest to someone’s profile. You can like that profile, add that profile to your favorite list and send proposal.

Ans: You will get notification when you will sign in your profile. You will also receive an email to your sign in email id.

Ans: First you have to send proposal to the person whom proposal you like. You have to wait until that person receives your proposal because the contact details will not be shown to you before that. Once your proposal will be accepted you will get a notification with his/her contact information. It might be just message option or you may get the mobile/phone number based on whichever option he/she approves. Thus you can start communicating with someone whom profile you like.

Ans: Yes, if you don’t want to show your profile to one or more specific members you can choose block option. After you click the block option that person will never see your profile.

Ans: You can deactivate your profile anytime if you don’t need to be a member anymore. We will appreciate your valuable comments about your experience during stay with us.