Going on a honeymoon is a way to create new memories, while you trust each other and explore each other's unfamiliar territories. In cultures where arranged marriages are the norm, the honeymoon acts as an icebreaker of sorts for couples who have never previously mingled outside extensive company. A relaxed environment, away from the hustle and bustle of the routine life, will enable the love between you and your partner to blossom. In planning such a trip, newlyweds should keep in mind that they are beginning a long journey through life together. A honeymoon, therefore, is no time for strenuous traveling and sight-seeing, especially if the time at their disposal is short. It should be long enough to escape the horseplay of their friends and short enough so that they will not become bored with each other. Because of the strain and tension during the days preceding their wedding, newlyweds should seek a place of rest and quiet. This segment will help the new couples to choose their honeymoon destination with proper guidance.